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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 13, 2020 6:30pm-6:45pm GMT

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this is bbc news. the headline
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sajid javid resigned and a short move during the prime minister's government reshot. he the former chancellor said he was left with no other option after he was required to replace all of his political advisers. these are people who have worked incredibly hard on behalf of not just the government worked incredibly hard on behalf of notjust the government but worked incredibly hard on behalf of not just the government but the whole country and have done a fantasticjob. i whole country and have done a fantastic job. i was whole country and have done a fantasticjob. i was unable to accept those conditions. i do not believe any self—respecting minister would accept those condition so therefore the best thing to do was to go. out as well our the northern ireland secretary who oversaw the restoration of devolved government at stormont. world health leaders say there is no new cause for alarm despite a steep rise and a number of deaths of the coronavirus and china. yesterday was the deadliest day of the outbreak so far. more than 80 people
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quarantined are allowed to leave. following 14 days in isolation after flying back from china, the centre of the coronavirus outbreak. ministers and announce an independent inquiry into maternity services in east kent after it a death —— the deaths of a number of babies there. any moment it will be time for sports day but first a look at what is coming up this evening on bbc news. they will be speaking to a top government aid he lost his job today as a result of the cabinet reshot. he with a number of deaths from coronavirus on a rise we will ta ke from coronavirus on a rise we will take a look at the impact the virus will have on the chinese economy. and at 20 to ii and half past 11 we will take a look at tomorrow's front pages. with a representative from
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the wall streetjournal pages. with a representative from the wall street journal and another from politico. now as promised here is sports day. hello, i'm 0lly foster. here's what's coming up on sportsday. .. israel folau will make his superleague debut this weekend, we'll get the latest from perpignan. formula one gets ready for the new season but will cornavirus hit the calendar again, other sports have been affected today. fallon sherrock is back on the oche tonight, and making more darts history. also coming up in the programme... from a manchester restaurant to the tokyo 0lympics, from a manchester restaurant to the tokyo olympics, the unlikely pathway to the podium.
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good evening to you, will come along. it was the superleague signing that upset just about everyone. .. 8 months after he was sacked by rugby australia, israel folau resurfaced at catalans dragons and he's set to make his debut this weekend. he'll have his contract terminated if he repeats the homphobic comments that effectively ended his union career in australia but we are about to find out what reception he'll get in rugby league when he faces castleford on saturday. our sports correspondent natalie pirks was at this morning's training session in perpignan. his athletic ability is not up for debate but his personal views sparked a huge one arounds free speech and discrimination. this is where the deeply religious man will attempt to resurrect a career after
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cleaning and so some that make social media posts that help is waiting for gay people. his manager believes everyone deserves a shot at redemption. let you know the mind and not the person. and i spoke to him over a number of occasions and i felt he was right any had the opportunity and he should not get a life sentence. and has an opportunity here. the contract with him prevents him from making the types of sermons he makes at his church. it says for a man and a woman to be together. only a few months ago, he rented the bush fires in australia to the decision to legalize same—sex marriage. in australia to the decision to legalize same-sex marriage. god is speaking to you guys, australia, you need to repent. after he was fired last may, folau sued rugby australia
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for religious discrimination. and ended out of court in december. is signing makes a lot of sense from a starting point of view. he was set to start for the country in the world come before the acts fail but other clubs threatened legal action should they lose sponsorship because of the signing and local lgbt groups are of the signing and local lgbt groups a re less of the signing and local lgbt groups are less than and pressed. translation: we have the right to lahiff as he has a right to live but he says were going to the fires of hell, it is incredible. his team—mates have embraced him after he opened up to them about his views and fans locally seem more excited about the prospect of one of the world's best thing for them. about the prospect of one of the world's best thing for themm about the prospect of one of the world's best thing for them. it is a tough working class area around here, they did not get hysterical about issues and the media moved on
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to talk about other issues. sport has a long history of granting second chances but the question is whether greater talent should equal quicker forgiveness. let's get more on this from stephen drill, europe correspondent for the herald sun and a host of other newspapers in australia, he joins us live from perpignan. evening stephen. thanks forjoining us on sports day. when he was sacked eight months ago, a huge story and australia and now his return to competition, you have been scrambled there from your base in london and i guess quite a few others as well. this is a big deal, isn't it? this is probably going to be the most watched game in the state ever i would imagine. there is a huge amount of interest and whether he does play and the cata la ns whether he does play and the catalans dragons whether he does play and the catala ns dragons have whether he does play and the catalans dragons have been making a
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sweat from the last couple of days and have not yet decided if you will play but they named him in the squad earlier today so that is a good side. and he was an unbelievable physio condition so i think he will and it had probably one of the biggest build—ups of any game in my memory. just seeing him train there, he is an absolute specimen of a player and it is worth reminding the viewers just how good he was and how important he was to the wallabies and also to australian rag be read as well. a huge figure. an amazing player and a lot of people in australia were saying why was he not playing for us in october when we came up against england? which he is a huge figure in the game and he is
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playing and very distant parent in his preparation so he has had a lot of training. a of training. but he mightjust do a lot of damage and come in and pray for only 15 or 20 minutes and he can score a couple of tries and that time. he was obviously messed at the by time. he was obviously messed at the rug by world time. he was obviously messed at the rugby world cup so how is he viewed now and australia because he was essentially drowned out of australian sport and is there any sympathy for his position? rugby has become a business and i think rugby australia is probably feeling a little bit red—faced over the way they forced him out. and they should get the layers to look at it first and issued a multi—million play out from australia and i think from a
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corporate point of view, date ended up corporate point of view, date ended up pushing that for sponsorship worries but on the street a fair bit of sympathy for him as well. a lot of sympathy for him as well. a lot of people just saying why don't you ta ke of people just saying why don't you take the post down and move on. this did not need to end the way it did. he sent by his principles though and he is now paying the price and part of the price is moving to france to resurrect his career. he is sticking to the very devout christian beliefs that he made those comments in the first place which are still there, and he has not really apologised and he said he will not repeat them because he knows he will have his contract terminated. time is a great healer and sport can be a great healer, he is only 30 and still has a lot to give to rugby reek and union as well. do you think you will be welcomed back to australia or do you think you print too many bridges? he will probably be ok
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just, there was a fairly big deal about whether he should be allowed to play but the cattle lands managed to play but the cattle lands managed to get that deal through before anyone knew about it. and australia there is a gentleman's agreement between the clubs do not let him back and so i think he might have issues back and australia. there is a chance he might be able to play at some point but i think he really just needs to put all his cards on the table on the field and that will not be ignored, if he comes out on fire he will prove to everyone what a great player he is and if he is able to keep it to sport and keep it professional then he might be able to actually resurrect his image as well. thanks indeed forjoining us. let's catch up for another set of
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headlines now. another blow for saracens following their relegation to the championship. their premiership champions main sponsor for the past 12 years, allianz are terminating their contract at the end of the season, one year early bobby madley, who was sacked as a premier league referee i8 months ago for mocking a disabled person has been given a way back into the english game. he will return to officiate in the lower leagues this season. ronnie 0'sullivan is through to the last 16 at the welsh 0pen. the four—time champion beat anthony hamilton by four frames to two in cardiff. we've seen more sports events affected by the coronavirus this week, rugby sevens the latest to be forced to make changes to the calendar, austin halewood has the latest. keeping across all the developments. yes. first it was sporting events in china... we saw the chinese grand prix postponed yesterday. but now events in other countries are starting to be affected. today, it's been the singapore and the hong kong sevens tournaments
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that have been rescheduled. there've now been more than a0 thousand cases of this coronavirus strain worldwide — with it being declared a global health emergency. it started in wuhan in china, but continues to affect sporting events across asia. now the sevens tournaments in hong kong and singapore were both due to take place in april, but they've now been rescheduled for october. in a statement, world rugby chairman bill beaumont said, "the wellbeing of the rugby family and wider public is our priority & the decision to reschedule has been made in full consultation with the unions and national authorities". meanwhile, manchester united's new striker 0dion ighalo has been training away from the club, following his arrival from shanghai shenua. united have kept him away from the squad as a precautionary measure because of the small risk posed by the coronavirus. ighalo also missed united's training camp in spain, because of fears he might struggle
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to get back into the country. and looking ahead now, the olympics are, of course, on the horizon. they get underway in 5 months time, injuly in tokyo, but organisers of the games say that they haven't even considered cancelling or postponing. translation: at tokyo 2020 we have set up counter measures and we are sharing information with the national institute of infectious diseases. also at the prime minister's head office, countermeasures for a minister's head office, countermeasures fora new coronavirus have been established by the japanese government and border control actions are being taken. so organisers in tokyo are confident that the olympics will go ahead. the most high—profile event to be postponed so far was the chinese grand prix in shanghai, that was due to take place on the 19th of april, two weeks before the very first vietnamese grand prix
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on the 5th of april. now that race is set to take place in hanoi — and despite the city being just a hundred miles from the chinese border — formula one bosses say they expect the grand prix to go ahead. well both races were big talking points at the mclaren car launch this afternoon in woking. and our sports news reporter, laura scott, was there for us. today here at mclaren‘s base, it was all about their new car, which they hope will lead mclaren back to the front of the grade but there was no expecting —— escaping the issue of coronavirus. i will go where formula 1 coronavirus. i will go where formula i tells me to go because i have full belief that they will make the right decision and they have probably done with china or vietnam, if it gets postponed i am sure they will take the right decision. and if my family wa nts to the right decision. and if my family wants to come i will welcome them. right now we have not had any communication that the vietnam race
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